• Mexico Travel Mexicobeaches and more!

    Mexico is a country bursting with life - the people are vivacious, the landscape strewn with historical gems and the nightlife tequila fuelled.

  • Caribbean Travel Caribbean islands of fun!

    The Caribbean is one of the most popular tourist areas in the world. Mile after mile of bleach-white sand leads to the ethereal blue waters that make the region famous.

  • Escorted European Tours Escortedeuropean tours

    Escorted tours of Europe provide a carefree, yet exciting experience. An escorted tour is by far the best way to sample all that Europe has to offer.

  • USA Travel USA fun inthe homeland!

    From Disneyworld and Universal Studios to Las Vegas and New York city the United States has lots of amazing options for everybody.


Ireland Travel Where'd ya go Lassie go? This is by far the best place you'll ever travel to in Europe. Here you'll find the coolest most laid back people on Earth, not to mention the rolling hills, castles, rock fences, sea side cliffs, Churches and pubs! Make sure that you kiss the Blarney Stone, drive the Ring of Kerry, see the Cliffs of Moher and of course drink a Guinness!

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Italy Travel Who doesn't love Italian food?! The main spots to see in Italy are Rome, Florence and of course Venice. Make sure that you see Juliets balcony, take a gondola ride, see the Roman Coliseum and eat some Gelato!

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Switzerland Travel Switzerland is absolutely magical! You have the alps, Mt Pilatus, Lake Lucerne, villages and Churches surrounded by snow capped mountains, lindt chocolate, Weiner Shnitzel, and the best skiing in the World. It's an Alpine adventure that you will never forget.

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Germany and Austria

Germany and Austria The hills are alive! Austria and Germany are full of amazing sites. You have Mad King Ludwig's Castles, mountains that climb half way to Heaven, Coo Coo clocks, Oktoberfest, The Eagles Nest, The Passion play in Oberammergau and of course Edelweiss. Try a Rhine and Danube river cruise or take an escorted coach tour to see it in style.

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